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Gee, how ego-centric this feels! I was born in Boston. Ha, am I supposed to start that far back! I got my first tooth when....just kidding. Grew up pretty much in TX, summer vacations back in MA, went to NINE different colleges before getting a degree. Did a lot of waiting tables and odd acting jobs here and there in CA making it in the SAG and AFTRA union. At school I took lots of arts, drama, photography, one astronomy (loved it then it got real mathy and I quit), before settling with a marketing degree from Northeastern Univ. I produced my own television show for children called Snuggle Up With Me where I wrote the stories and read them in a studio/bedroom to a live audience of kiddos. Then during my masters program in finance I met my dream man and in just three months I found myself living with him on a house boat in Key West! Life has never been the same. Now we have a little boy togther, born Dec. 2002 who is such a joy, Haven, and we've been in France since he was 5 months old. ANd today I met a lady who introduced me to the world of blogging that I have never known before.


playing and hugging with my family, taking walks, writing fiction, creating movie ideas, watching movies, talking on the phone to my family back in the states, painting anything, sleeping!, laughing my head off, having people over for dinner, and lots more....